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Free Quotes - Martin Roofing will supply free quotations for all the products and services we have available. (within a 50km radius in the Hawke's Bay). If you have seen a product you would like to use we will attempt to source the product for you.

Roof Inspections & Reports
- Detailed roof inspections and complete reports and estimates can be supplied for purchasing of property, maintenance programs and problems with new or existing installations. Contact Us for a quote for this service.

Budget - We are happy to supply budget prices for proposed projects from m² supplied to us.

Asbestos Removal - Martin Roofing has a long and successful history of providing asbestos removal solutions to local major businesses such as Heinz Watties as well as carrying out a significant amount of residential asbestos removal and re-roofing.

New Roofing - Simply get the plans for your new house or commercial project to our office and we will provide a free quotation designed to suit your specific needs.

Re-Roofing - We are happy to provide prompt free no obligation quotes and offer expert advice on suitable profiles and products associated with your residential or commercial re-roof.        
Residential, Commercial or Industrial Roofing - We have the structure and support to be able to provide the staff and equipment to carry out all styles and sizes of roofing projects from the smallest residential to industrial buildings in excess of 11,0002m²


Longrun Roofing - A common misconception is that "Longrun Roofing" is a style or profile. The term Longrun means that a single sheet of roofing is continuous from ridge to gutter - no joins or laps.

Wall Cladding - Metal profiled wall cladding has become a popular choice for both residential and commercial projects. Martin Roofing has had the pleasure of working with architects, builders and homeowners on many cladding projects and have become leaders in the installation of various profiles and colours.

Butyl Roofing - Is a single ply flexible synthetic rubber waterproof membrane for use over continuous substrates of concrete or treated plywood. It can be used to waterproof decks, gutters, rainwater heads and roofs with thickness ranging from 1.0 to 2.25mm. (2.25 is custom made on request). Butyl Roofing can be expected to have a warranted service life up to 20 years.

Torch on Membranes - Martin Roofing are authorised applicators for Ardex and Waterproofing Systems and regularly fix their range of Torch On Membranes to decks and roof surfaces. These membranes are fibreglass and polyester reinforced for durability and can be fixed to a wide range of substrates.

Timber Shakes and Shingles - We are experienced fixers of both cedar and treated shakes and shingles and have re-roofed such buildings as the Pukehou church in central Hawkes Bay.
Glass Fibre Shingles - Shingles comprise a base of tough, dimensionally stable, fire resistant glass fibre mat which will not separate, rot or absorb moisture. The glass fibre mat is saturated and coated with specially refined asphalt, the worlds oldest known and dependable waterproofing compound. This product is very popular in the USA as well as Canada and is fast catching on in New Zealand. Contact us now for a free quote to have shingles fitted to your new home or re-roof for a unique look.

Zinc and Copper: Roofing and Spouting - For that extra touch of class and extra longevity nothing comes close to pure zinc or copper. Many of the more "architectural" buildings in Hawkes Bay have used these materials with great success. These include work carried out by Martin Roofing founder Roger Martin and his son Bryan on the Craggy Range Winery behind Te Mata Peak.

Internal Gutters - Many older buildings suffer from leaks caused by faulty or poorly designed internal guttering. Martin Roofing successfully replaces these on almost a weekly basis with new and practical solutions.

Standard Spouting Systems - Many different styles of residential and commercial spouting are now available and chances are we have fitted most of them. We have a dedicated spouting team ready to fit the style of your choice.

Downpipes - Dispose of that rainwater with a variety of different downpipe materials ranging from P.V.C to zinc, copper, galvanised or coloursteel with zincalume base.

Rainheads - Our experienced tradesmen are able to create rainheads in a variety of designs to suit individual needs. They can be produced in anything from galvanised sheet to colour, copper or zinc.

Flashings - The all important finishing touch to any project. Flashings are the waterproofing seal for all buildings and our staff are trained to fit these to recgonised industry standards.

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